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Area code 412 is located in Pennsylvania which covers Pittsburgh and some of the surrounding areas is the site from where you can buy a virtual business phone number. The numbers have multiple facilities and advantages over the landlines or other communication systems. Mycountry Mobile is the owner of the site that sells the numbers for both the businesses and freelancing agencies. We are the fastest growing virtual businesses in the world. My Country Mobile is an established tech based company that sells many important products.

Check the benefits that are possible to obtain using the virtual phone number

  1.       Give your company a local presence by using 412 local phone numbers.
  2.       You will be calling using a virtual phone number but your details can’t be traced.
  3.       Increase your privacy by using these numbers.
  4.       Reduce the costs to 4.99$ per month only. Make more profit from generated revenue.
  5.       Beat the similar businesses and expand your own business.
  6.       Convert the potential customers into regular ones by using our services.

How customers will come to you by using the virtual phone numbers

  • Customers will love when they will see their area code in your ads.
  • They will feel a native touch in your products and will make a purchase from you.
  • By giving a smooth calling experience, you will spread your brand reputation in the locality.
  • Send wishes by texting on different occasions, which will increase the reputation.
  • We have some toll free numbers, use them so that customers call you without any doubt.
  • When you are selling products online, customers won’t call you if you don’t use their local numbers area codes.
  • Considering all these, you are badly in need of virtual phone numbers right now.

For business owners

You will get the best feature, enjoy your time by accessing the service using any device with an internet connection. Direct the calls wherever you would like and relax with your family.

Areas that come under the 412 area code

Area code 412 overlays the area code of 878. First created in 1947, this area code is quite old and you will get attention from the viewers when they see your phone number. There are huge business opportunities, as most of the areas are in urban areas.


Bethel Park


Allison Park

West Mifflin





North Versailles

How good is the area 412 for expanding your business

Let’s see the counties that come under the code. The following counties show how good the area is for offshoring your business. Buy a number from us and offshore your business right now.

  • Allegheny County
  • Beaver County
  • Butler County
  • Fayette County
  • Indiana County
  • Westmoreland County

How to call a number in 412 area code

Just dial the area code 412 and then dial the digits consisting of the phone number. This is super easy to use.

Charge per month

You will pay only 4.99$ per month so visit and buy a number for your business. Don’t be late.

However, their North American Numbering Plan population (NANP) is not as high as the resulting shortage. Today, the city has a 301 territory number. This field code was established in 1992 and is the primary overlay code at Temple Hills, Fort Washington Frederick, Mount Airy, Anne Arundel County, Prince George, Largest City, Frederick County, Howard.

Check out our features for the businesses

Our service comes up with a number of extra and helpful features that are totally free for your business.

  • You will love to know that our users get the scope to record phone calls. Use that for analyzing.
  • Run the call waiting feature so that no customer goes back getting your phone busy.
  • Ensure that every customer is gaining your attention.
  • Call directing will give release to the owners. Direct the calls to the concerned teams and let them handle the customers.
  • Direct calls to many phones at a time to ensure that no customer call is being missed.
  • Send text messages, voicemails, and online fax faster than any other services.
  • Don’t lose any customers, instead attract other customers to your business using the features for free.